Video tracking strategy for monitoring animal behaviors

Animals rarely act in isolation. Their interactions with conspecifics exert heavy influences on their behavior and physiological state. Fruit flies are social animals that display dynamic social interaction networks and collective behaviors which contribute to a variety of processes essential for life.

For experimental verification of large-language models (LLMs) and our new prompting strategy termed prime-boost prompt (PBP), we developed a video tracking instrument that can simultaneously track the movements of each fly in a group for days. The paradigm comprises an incubator with camera recording systems, fly culture plates, as well as a temperature and light control panel. Besides, we also designed a video-to-location (VTL) format to record the movements. The videos recorded were converted into frame-by-frame image slices. Movements of each fly were calculated by the alteration of its location in each image frame, which is transformed into a data point in a two-dimensional coordinate system.

In total, our dataset contained the location files (*.vtl) of 6885 Fruit fly strains corresponding to 5588 genes, main analyzing codes, template videos, and their corresponding location files in the vtl format.

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